A Smile Made Brilliant

Direct Composite Veneering System

As individual as your patient

Choose between two translucent enamel shades Bleach Translucent and Translucent. The shade selection can easily be done with the new BRILLIANT COMPONEER Shade Guide. Together with the shade system of BRILLIANT EverGlow, an individual look for your patient is guaranteed. 


Different sizes for both upper and lower jaw ensure there will always be a matching size for your patient. After the application of the BRILLIANT COMPONEER veneers the shape can be further adjusted with a disc. 

Aesthetic anterior restorations in just one session 

BRILLIANT COMPONEER are prefabricated composite shells for the aesthetic restoration of anterior teeth. This clever system combines the advantages of direct restoration with the advantages of the indirect veneering technique. 

Brilliant and long-lasting composite restoration

The enamel shells are based on the well proven submicron filler technology of BRILLIANT EverGlow, which results in high and long-lasting gloss retention of the anterior restorations. Find out more about the technical data. 

Luting as one piece with optimally matched system

The BRILLIANT COMPONEER Kit comes with the composite BRILLIANT EverGlow and the adhesive ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL. Together with accessories and a step-by-step card, you find everything you need to start.

Dentists’ advantages:

  • Aesthetic, high-quality anterior restorations
  • Minimally invasive restorations based on composites
  • Only one session - no laboratory necessary
  • Long-lasting gloss and excellent polishability
  • Highly cost-effective in daily use