A Smile Made Brilliant

Technical Data

Minimal-invasive preparation

The extremely thin BRILLIANT COMPONEER veneers are thinning towards the cervical edge (>0.3 mm). This allows a minimal-invasive preparation. At the same time, a natural look is guaranteed.

Long-lasting gloss retention

The pre-polymerization  of the BRILLIANT COMPONEER shells results in long-lasting gloss retention and excellent polishability.

Outstanding adhesion

Using the universal bond ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL, the unique micro-retentive inner surface of BRILLIANT COMPONEER results in higher adhesion as with classic ceramic veneers.

Durable restoration

Low dentine-like elasticity reduces tensions. This prevents cracks or chipping - a good base for durable restorations.

  • E-modulus: 9.8 GPa (Dentin: 10-20 GPa)
  • Flexural strength: 125 MPa

Excellent Blend-In effect

Choosing the right shade of the luting composite BRILLIANT EverGlow is easy due to its excellent blend-in effect. The progressive thickness of the shell towards incisal edge reproduces a natural shade gradient.

Facts & Figures

Modulus of elasticity9.8 GPa
Flexural strength125 MPa
Water sorption18 μg/mm³
Water solubility0.3 μg/mm³
Radiopacity2 mm Al
Compressive strength285 MPa
Average filler size0.4 μm
Filler weight77%
Filler volume59%